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A Master Data Management project is a large and complex undertaking. Make sure that you work with experienced professionals who understand your specific needs. We have over 40 years of experience in Master Data Management, and have helped hundreds of leading companies across the globe, in a wide range of industries, turn data governance and the quality of their data into a strong competitive advantage.

Stibo Systems focus on one thing – Master Data Management – and make sure we do it really well. With such a sharp focus, we can recruit, train and retain the best consultants in this area. In other words, we will provide you with dedicated, motivated and very able consultants.

Our consultants can help you:

  • Establish a focused direction
  • Develop an integrated process for managing your master data
  • Create custom solutions for key business and departmental challenges


With our unique Stibo Systems Information Management Approach (SIMA) methodology, you can be sure that your Master Data Management solution is configured to meet your exact needs.

  • Our seasoned domain experts and project managers will ensure a successful implementation, on time and on budget
  • With a well-documented quality assurance process, we minimize risk and accelerate time to value
  • Teams comprising of staff from your company as well Stibo Systems form a central part of the implementation. For each development stage, a steering group is formed that includes a project manager plus a number of super-users.


Our Data Services cover all the steps necessary to ensure data mediation and abstraction between your diverse set of applications. They are designed to simplify your data management processes, leading to faster time to value, reduced costs and business agility. Our dedicated team of data specialists can help you:

  • Extract and consolidate your product, customer, supplier, or any other master data - both structured and unstructured - from multiple locations and business systems
  • Manage rich media more efficiently, tying together images, graphics, documents and files with their associated data
  • Ensure all attributes and relationships are maintained, while cleansing the data to prevent the introduction of inaccurate information