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Maintaining accurate and up-to-date location information about your company can be challenging, as data is often spread across multiple systems in different formats.

Attempting to manage this data manually is difficult, and doesn’t deliver the benefits of combining location data with other information about your business. Poor location data can reduce the effectiveness of your organization and expose you to unnecessary risk.

STEP provides a Location MDM solution that works as a central hub for all your location and site data, integrating with property, supply chain and other enterprise systems to drive data governance and support site lifecycle management.


Transform all of your enterprise location data into a consistent format using STEP’s powerful on-boarding and data quality tools. Establish a Golden Record of location data to reduce errors and eliminate duplication. STEP ensures that all location data is synchronized and trustworthy.


Link centralized location data with other domains such as Product and Customer data to uncover previously hidden relationships. Enable your site managers to drive more business value by linking relevant documents and assets to master records.


Derive location-driven business insights based on how your location data overlaps with other domains. Make strategic decisions based on a more comprehensive view of the big picture.