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Organizations often have to deal with inaccurate asset data that is stored in multiple silos. This increases maintenance costs, results in missing assets and creates downtime, which all impact on revenue. To efficiently manage large quantities of physical assets across the enterprise and to ensure uptime, asset information must be properly integrated, validated, categorized and stored in a central location.

Having a central hub for all asset information gives companies the control they need to efficiently manage inventory, track assets, improve procurement and streamline maintenance across the entire organization.


Quickly look through your entire asset inventory and use advanced features to pinpoint assets based on unique characteristics such as type, location, vendor or owner.


Consolidate asset data from different data sources into one single repository. With tools to easily upload, categorize and configure assets upon import, STEP helps you create a single accurate view for all your assets.


Efficiently manage assets by working with clean and accurate information. Assets can also be enriched by linking them to products, images, videos or localized information.


Keep track of all your assets through STEP’s user- friendly dashboard to enhance key processes such as purchasing, inventory and maintenance based on accurate and up-to-date information.


Lower operational and storage costs by analyzing asset usage, consumption, maintenance and purchasing information.