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As a distributor you are faced with a highly competitive marketplace, increased expectations from customers and an ever increasing number of products to manage. Without appropriate data management in place, problems such as inconsistent or duplicate data quickly affect business operations, profits and customer loyalty.

Stibo Systems’ MDM platform, STEP, acts as a central repository for all your data and provides the necessary tools to ensure you have clean, properly integrated and standardized data across your enterprise.


Without a central repository it is extremely difficult to manage all the information coming from suppliers and customers. Handling inventory and changes in demand using data stored in multiple systems can also be cumbersome and costly. To solve these issues STEP allows you to:

  • On-board validated data from different sources and departments, then integrate it to produce a trustworthy and clean data repository
  • Manage and categorize large numbers of SKUs
  • Conduct analyses to support key business decisions and collaboration with partners


Accurately tracking data as it flows across the enterprise and access to real-time information can help manage demand and ensure product availability. STEP enhances your visibility through:

  • Accurate reports that provide insights into redundant inventory and data across your business
  • Customizable and actionable dashboards that allow you to quickly view and report on pertinent data


Due to increased regulation, many distributors require complete product traceability from factory to end user. Furthermore, customers today expect to trace products throughout the buying process. With STEP you can:

  • Track data from multiple sources
  • Set up workflows with appropriate approval processes
  • Create audit trails and easily track the change history of your enterprise data
  • Enact changes to reduce risk due to changes in regulatory compliance


Failure to provide rich product information across all channels can affect profits and customer loyalty. STEP provides comprehensive tools that allow you to:

  • Associate data with digital assets to provide consistent content across all channels
  • Easily publish accurate information on your website and other sales channels


With easier access to global suppliers, managing data across different geographic business units and ensuring it is relevant to local trading partners is critical. STEP includes localization tools to:

  • Deliver relevant information to your global suppliers and customers